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Note: Turret Defense is currently in BETA (expect a few bugs here and there.) Updates will be pushed out throughout the game's lifetime to make it more balanced, and make it more fun.                         

The Game:

Turret Defense is a tower defense game. You  must help the turrets from the enemies  from taking over their territory, by spawning turrets on the battle field. As you defeat more and more enemies, the levels get harder. You must help the turrets drive these pesky enemies out of your territory. Spawn turrets, and upgrade them to defend, and attack. The enemies attack in groups of waves. As the level goes further, the harder the waves are. So, you must use your money wisely to upgrade and spawn turrets.

Game modes:

Endless Mode: Keeps on spawning more waves until you run out of health.

Levels: Includes 10 levels (more coming soon) , with each level getting harder.


  • WASD - Move camera
  • Scroll - Zoom in and out
  • Left Click - Spawn Turret
  • Right Click - Upgrade and sell turret
  • ESC/P - Pause menu


Art and Font - Kenney (http://kenney.nl/)

Music - Seen (https://soundcloud.com/someguyontheinterenet)

Turrets and other Mechanics - Brackyes (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYbK_tjZ2OrIZFBvU6CCMiA)


You can find out more, report bugs, and talk with the developer on our Discord (deleted)!

Current: Version 1.61

Want to get Turret Defense for free? You can get the Android version for free here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Tetra.TurretDefense&pli=1


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Turret Defense 1.61 - Windows 20 MB
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Turret Defense 1.61 - Linux 25 MB
Turret Defense 1.61 - Android 29 MB

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had some fun with the endless mode, after wave 100 the counter will disappear and reappear, only took about 5-10 mins(I am not good with time, just a estimation) to fill the map. wasn't yet lagging, but my cpu was at 100% from the constant stream of enemies.

I Liked the game just wish that level 7 wasn't bugged so that I could finish the premade levels.

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Nice game! Thx
Bug report: Enemies suddenly stopped appearing. The game goes on forever without being able to shoot down enemies.

Version: Turret Defense 1.61 - Linux

Is ThIs A mUlTiPlAyEr GaEm

game stucks at the 5th wave  of 7th level.

Wow. I like what you've done with the tutorial. I don't currently have the game, but I might get it soon :)

Fun game. Once you get past the 100 level mark the game starts to get very laggy though.

Thanks! Yes, the game needs some more balancing. We will be adding that in the next update!

It would be better if you make some short video clips for people to know the way to play. :)

Yah, we are planning on making a trailer video, of game play and how you play the game. Thanks for the suggestion!